Pricing guideline for consumer products
Pricing table
Your product´s retail price
(before tax)
Charge per review Charge for product’s cost
(% of the product’s price after tax)
Under $30 $10 100%
$30 - $49.99 Free 100%
$50 - $99.99 Free 85%
$100 - $299.99 Free 70%
$300 - $999.99 Free 60%
$1000 and more Free 50%
If you chose a campaign with 9 or less reviews, there will be an additional fee of $10/per review.
Example: If your product is getting sold on your website for $65 and you need 12 reviews, your cost will be 12 x (85% x ($65 + 8% tax)) = $716.04 Please note that not only aren’t you giving away any products, but also you get your products reviewed by your target market.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How long does it take to deliver a campaign?
    • You will start seeing reviews on your product page from about 20 days after your campaign kicks off. While many campaigns are completed within 30-45 days, some might take longer depending on the following criteria:
      I. The product’s popularity.
      II. Specifications of its target market: Think of “pen” versus “fountain pen ink”.
      III. It’s nature: it takes more time to use and review “multivitamin” than a “phone cover”.
      IV. Number of reviews asked.
      V. The price of your product: more expensive products are slightly slower that lower priced ones.
  • 2. What do I receive when my campaign is completed?
    • At the end of each campaign, we will provide all order IDs from the reviewers that bought your item.
  • 3. Is Revioly aligned with Amazon, FTC and BBB policies?
    • Not only is Revioly in full alignment with all review policies, but also, it is in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers. Revioly is on the frontline utilizing a preventive approach, while Amazon, and FTC have corrective approaches. We are complementary to them.