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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of products can be reviewed by Revioly?
    • If your product is categorized within one of the following subcategories, it can be reviewed by Revioly:
      1. Home goods
      2. Kitchenware (electronic or non-electronic)
      3. Bed & Bath
      4. Garden
      5. Home improvement
  • Do you accept products from other categories rather than “Home, Kitchen, and Garden”?
    • Revioly is focused on “Home, Kitchen, and Garden”, meaning if your product by any means is a part of home, kitchen, or garden, it can be reviewed by Reviolers. If you have an electronic item like a blender or home theater, it can be reviewed by Revioly along with decorative items, furniture, etc.
  • How long does it take to deliver a campaign?
    • You will start seeing reviews on your product page about 30 days after your campaign kicks off. While many campaigns complete within 30-60 days, some might take longer depending on the following criteria:
      1. The product’s popularity.
      2. Specifications of the product’s target market: think about the difference between towel and smart home products.
      3. The product’s usability duration. Some products’ experience might take some time for our Reviolers to review; it takes more time to use and review. For instance, it needs more time to utilize and review an electric appliance rather than a spatula.
      4. Number of reviews requested.
      5. The price of your product: more expensive products might be slower than lower priced ones.
  • Will Reviewers leave reviews on Revioly or on the website I prefer?
    • Reviewers, also called Reviolers, will purchase the product from you on any platform you are selling your product at and will leave their review there.
  • Is Revioly aligned with the FTC policies?
    • Yes! Not only is Revioly in full alignment with all review policies, but also, in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers, Revioly is on the frontline, as we have a preventive approach, while FTC has a corrective approach. We are complementary to them.
  • Does Revioly accept products sold on Amazon?
    • At this point, Revioly does not accept products that are sold on Amazon marketplace. Amazon sellers are welcome to Revioly if they are selling their products on any platform or website besides Amazon.