Pricing guideline for books & videos
Pricing table
Type of product Charge per review Charge for product’s cost
Books, Kindle book, e-book, or audio book $49.99 100%
Movies, Prime videos, or documentaries $39.99 100%
*for TV shows, and series please contact us.

Example: If your book is getting sold on your website for $4.99 and you need 7 reviews, your cost will be 7 x ($49.99 + ($4.99 + 8% tax)) = $387.65. Please note that not only aren’t you giving away any products, but also you get your products reviewed by your target market.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How long does it take to deliver a campaign?
    • You will start seeing reviews on your product page about 20 days after your campaign kicks off. While many campaigns are completed within 30 to 45 days, some might take longer depending on the following criteria:
      I. The product’s popularity.
      II. Specifications of the product’s target market: think about the difference between ballpoint pen versus the ink used for fountain pens.
      III. The product’s usability duration. Some products’ experience might take some time for our Reviolers to review; it takes more time to use and review a multivitamin than a phone cover for example.
      IV. Number of reviews requested.
      V. The price of your product: more expensive products are slightly slower than lower priced ones.
  • 2. How do the reviews look like?
    • Reviews for books and movies will be different than other products. For this class of reviews, there will be a bigger focus on the length of the reviews. They will be flawless, grammatically. As much as we have no influence over the rating that your audience will leave for your book or movie, we will make sure that the reviews are hitting Revioly’s standards, which are based on being authentic, descriptive, and flawless.
  • 3. Is Revioly aligned with Amazon, FTC and BBB policies?
    • Not only Revioly is in full alignment with all review policies, but also, in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers, Revioly is on the frontline, as we have a preventive approach, while Amazon, and FTC have corrective approach. We are complementary to them.