How it works!
You can become a Revioler for free and gain access to all products right away. Based on your membership type and the original price of the product you selected, you will see a discounted rate between 30% and 100% on each product. You can choose up to 4 products per week to buy, receive by mail, utilize in a your daily life, and finally review authentically and descriptively. After your review is approved, we then reimburse you the discounted amount via Paypal. There are 5 types of membership: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each level has a certain discount ratio. While Bronze Reviolers receives between 30% and 60% discount, Diamond Reviolers receives between 50% and 100% discount.
You will have an R-score which is based on three main criteria:
  • arrow_rightNumber of products you reviewed
  • arrow_rightQuality of the reviews you have left
  • arrow_rightNumber of people you invite to Revioly
You can go up the Revioly ladder by gathering points to unlock the next level of membership and increase your discount rate.