Frequently Asked Questions
How things
Memberships, points,
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Inviting others
to Revioly

How things work

  • Who is a Revioler?
    • “Revioler” is a term that Revioly members are known as. Being a Revioler is an admired value, because it’s all about sincerity, fairness, and adding value to online shopping, globally. Each Revioler is an example of a product’s target audience. Reviolers are constantly adding clarity to online shopping by utilizing and testing products and sharing their truthful opinions with others.

  • Who can become a Revioler?
    • Revioly is an online public marketplace. It means anyone from any demographic and social background, as long as residing in the United States, can join Revioly free of charge to not only buy exciting brands’ products on up to 100% discount, but also play their role on making online reviews reliable.

  • Is it free to become a Revioler?
    • Yes absolutely. When you sign up for free and become a Revioler (Revioly family member), you right away gain access to all of the products with somewhere between 30%-80%. The more expensive the product, the lower the discount percentage.

  • How many products can I get through Revioly per week?
    • You can choose up to 4 per week.

  • Where do I buy the products from?
    • It might be a brand’s page, like Nike’s website, or a platform that brands are selling their product at, such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. Where to buy is explained on each product’s page.

  • Do I buy them for the original price or are the prices set after the discount?
    • You will know from the first moment how much the product is and how much discount you will have on this product. However, you will buy it with your own personal fund on its original price.

  • What do I do after I purchase the item?
    • After you receive the product by door, it’s time to utilize it in a normal everyday life process. You may even test the product from different aspects. After 15 days your review window opens. It means you technically cannot review the product, but you may take your time and leave your review much longer.

  • Where do I leave my review? On Revioly or the original website where I bought it?
    • If you use Revioly extension, all you need to do is to post the review on the website you firsthand purchased the product from. But, if you are not using the extension, you need to copy and paste your review and rating on, as well.

  • When do I get my reimbursement?
    • After your review is approved, we will reimburse you the discounted amount that we had promised on the first day.

  • What is review approval process?
    • Our high-end technology will monitor your review and make sure it is descriptive, authentic, and according to Revioly standards and approves it or asks for an edit. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO CHANGE YOUR RATING. This is our promise to you. We look at all ratings exactly the same.
      The goal is to make sure you have had enough time to experience the product and freedom to share your credible authentic feedback about it with its owner and future online shoppers.

Memberships, points, and upgrade

  • What are the different membership types? And what is their respective discount range?
      Bronze (30% - 80% discount)
      Silver (35% - 85% discount)
      Gold (40% - 90% discount)
      Platinum (45% - 95% discount)
      Diamond (50% - 100% discount)
  • How can a I go up the membership ladder?
    • Each membership type has a minimum required point to which you need to reach before having your membership type changed.
      Here are the points required to upgrade:

    • Bronze to Silver 1000 points
      Silver to Gold 4000 points (total)
      Gold to Platinum 10000 points (total)
      Platinum to Diamond 25000 points + 20 invitations + 10 review videos
  • How do I collect points?
    • Each action in Revioly has a certain weigh and, as a result, point. Here’s the list of all actions with their respective points:

    • Reviewing physical products 10-50 Ps Different products have different points
      Reviewing books / videos 150 Ps Books and videos have higher points to review
      Review quality 50-100 Ps Based on the quality, each review receives a different P
      Inviting others to Revioly 200 Ps After the first 300 points of your invitee
      rVideo (review video) 100-300 Ps Based on the quality
      Testimonial 500 Ps One time only
      Review Revioly 200 Ps Can be used for more than one Platform (Trustpilot, Google, etc.)
      Daily Qs 20 Ps Easy way to pile up your scores every day
  • Do I ever lose point?
    • Yes. The minimum activity is defined as at least one review per month. For each month of inactivity, you will lose 2500 points.

Inviting others to Revioly

  • How many points does inviting have?
    • You can collect 200 points per each invitee if they collect at least 300 points.

  • Who can I invite?
    • Family members, friends, colleagues, followers, etc. You can invite whoever you wish. The only limitation is where your invitee resides; if you are in the US, your invitee must be in the US, as well.

  • How does it work?
    • There is a built-in invitation system in your dashboard where you can invite people directly by sending them an SMS and we will count them automatically as your invitee if they join, or if you wish to send invitations to a group of people, you may utilize your invitation code. If you are a community manager, an influencer, or head of a team and wish to invite large number of people and enjoy the numerous benefits, you can fill out the form in “Join Revioly as a community” and receive a customized code.

  • Do I have any limitations for collecting points via invitation?
    • You can invite as many people as you want! As a result, you can collect as many points as you wish.

Revioly-standard reviews

  • What does a good review look like?
      1. It can be a 1-star to 5-star rating; no obligations whatsoever.
      2. It comes from a verified purchase (shown as a red badge on Amazon).
      3. It is descriptive (no less than 40 words).
      4. It is fair and honest.
      5. It talks about the product, and is all related to the product, not about shipping and delivery quality.
      6. It comes from the real feeling of a customer who pays for the product/service. As a result, you may even talk about the price, if needed.
      7. It is to the point and the result of a deep and real test of the product.
      8. It should help future shoppers who are considering buying the item.
      9. It is void of prejudice and emotional convictions (mostly applicable about books and related media items).
      10. It is preferably uploaded with photos or even a video for better illustration.
      11. It does not contain personal information, swearing or obscene words, or messages related to politics in the content.

  • How many points does each review have?
    • Between 50-100 points based on the quality of the review.

  • What do we mean by the quality of a review?
    • Artificial Intelligence is in charge of scoring your reviews. Based on so many criteria our technology will read, evaluate and score your review. We need to make sure the reviews are authentic, credible, valuable to the next shoppers, detailed and descriptive, informative, and well-written. It’s important that your rating be in accordance with the review text.

  • What is rVideo?
    • An rVideo (aka review video) is an under 5-minute video that is made by Reviolers about a product they have purchased and utilized through Revioly. Any product that you normally will leave a text review about, can be reviewed in form of a video, as well. The goal is to share your experience about the product in form of a video for those shoppers who are more comfortable with watching a video.
      You may shoot with a phone or a camera, with voice-over or without voice-over, 30 seconds or 5 minutes. It can be recorded at your home convenience or in a professional location.
      Scoring will be done by our deep learning technology and will be between 100-300 points based on many different criteria. Your video will be uploaded through your dashboard into the Revioly website and will be played out with or without your name after approval.

  • Does my rating effect my review score?
    • Absolutely not. You are free to leave any rating for the products. However, it’s important to have an accordance between the rating and the review text.

  • What should a book review look like?
    • It should be no less than 100 words.It should discuss the content of the book and should also be the result of having it read thoroughly and attentively.If you think the book is not worth a high rating, please elaborate it and communicate yourreasons explicitly.

  • What does an honest review look like?
    • It’s a result of a fair and unprejudiced test, not hurried or botched; and really helpful to the people who are considering buying it.

  • What shouldn’t a revioler do?
    • As a revioler, you:

      1. Should not send a product to an address other than yours (as a gift, secondary address, etc.) then review it yourself. This kind of review will invalidate your account.
      2. Should not get the same product more than once.
      3. Should not leave too many reviews in a short time.
      4. Should not participate in any unverified review collection programs other than Revioly and Amazon Vine.