Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is a campaign?
    • A campaign begins when we start exposing your product to its target market, no matter if it is for 1 or 25 reviews.
  • 2. How long does it take to deliver a campaign?
    • You will start seeing reviews on your product page about 20 days after your campaign kicks off. While many campaigns are completed within 30 to 45 days, some might take longer depending on the following criteria:
      1. The product’s popularity.
      2. Specifications of the product’s target market: think about the difference between ballpoint pen versus the ink used for a fountain pen.
      3. The product’s usability duration. Some products’ experience might take some time for our Reviolers to review; it takes more time to use and review a multivitamin than a phone cover for example.
      4. Number of reviews requested.
      5. The price of your product: more expensive products are slightly slower than lower priced ones.
  • 3. Will Reviewers leave reviews on Revioly or on the website I prefer?
    • Reviewers, also called Reviolers, will purchase the product from you on any platform you are selling your product at and will leave their review there.
  • 4. Can I receive reviews in more than one platform?
    • Reviewers will buy it from you on your product page (your website or any marketplace) and leave their review right there. If you would like to receive reviews for the same product on multiple platforms, you will have to create separate campaigns.
  • 5. Is Revioly aligned with Amazon, the FTC and the BBB policies?
    • Yes! Not only is Revioly in full alignment with all review policies, but also, in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers, Revioly is on the frontline, as we have a preventive approach, while Amazon and the FTC have a corrective approach. We are complementary to them.
  • 6. Do reviewers search for my product?
    • Yes, they actually do. One of our goals it to make sure reviewers will search for your product to find it, so that they see the pricing of the similar items and compare your product’s price with the other ones.
  • 7. What do I receive when my campaign is completed?
    • At the end of each campaign, we will provide you with all order IDs from the reviewers that bought your item.
  • 8. Can I cancel my campaign at any time?
    • Generally, the time of purchase is very distant from the review time. As soon as a reviewer purchases your product, our liability to you is fulfilled. So, in most cases there we will not be able to cancel your campaign and issue a refund.
  • 9. What if I stop the production of a product and not all purchases are made?
    • In particular cases like this, we will cancel the campaign, deduct our fee from the products cost (20% of total amount) and refund you the remainder. Cost of products already purchased by reviewers will also be deducted from the refund. Campaign fee (any amount paid besides the cost of products) is nonrefundable.
  • 10. If my product receives lower-rating reviews, can I cancel my campaign?
    • In most cases, purchases are made in advance of the first review that is published. As a result, chances are we have no liability to you, as all purchases would have been made, and we would only be liable to the reviewers. In this case, you will still receive the remainder of the reviews. At Revioly, our top priority is to provide descriptive feedback, so none of the reviews will be malicious. It is a chance for you as a brand to take that constructive criticism provided to improve your product.
  • 11. If I improve my product that I had once reviewed by Revioly, can I have the reviewers review it again and maybe edit their reviews?
    • As we don’t want reviewers to be biased for any reason, they will not be able to edit their reviews. However, you can re-submit a review campaign for that product, and we will make sure to introduce it to new reviewers.
  • 12. Is Revioly aligned with Amazon, FTC and BBB policies?
    • Not only is Revioly in full alignment with all review policies, but also, it is in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers. Revioly is on the frontline utilizing a preventive approach, while Amazon, and FTC have corrective approaches. We are complementary to them.
  • 13. Will the reviews always remain in Revioly’s review bank?
    • Yes