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What is Revioly?

Revioly is the world’s first smart marketplace that encompasses online shoppers from all demographics who are missioned to buy your products from any platform, utilize them, and finally leave trusted high-quality reviews for each of them.
We have your back!

With Revioly, harness the power of authentic descriptive reviews that bring trust and revenue to your brand. In the battle against fake reviews, we are in the frontline along with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Amazon.

Why get reviews using Revioly?
It is free for products that are sold for more than $30, as long as you order a package of 10 or more reviews.
Brands with products over $50 only pay for a portion of their product's cost. The higher-priced a product, the lower the percentage. We use this fee to partially reimburse reviewers who review your product.
Our reviewers will buy your product from you on the platform of your choice; including, but not limited to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Costco, BestBuy, Target, Etsy, and your own website. They will leave their reviews on that platform.
Based on hundreds of thousands of reviews provided by Revioly, our reviews increase sales by 280% on average. This might differ based on the number of reviews, your product’s stage, quality, category, and competition.
Online shoppers trust Revioly. Increase credibility and trust in the eyes of your customers. Our verified-purchase reviews are not only descriptive and authentic, but also help you with branding.
By Revioly, your target customers will review your product. If you are launching a new product, Revioly will be your market research platform to help you improve its features before mass production and promotion.
We are the fastest-growing community of the online shoppers from all demographics and expertise, who would love to share our experience about a product with other online shoppers.
As we protect our physical environment, we should also protect our virtual environment from mistrust, fraud and fake reviews. This is where Revioly comes in to purify online platforms from fake and dishonest reviews.
Revioly is the biggest proponent of anti-fake-review policies of the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) and Amazon. We care about providing a preventive approach rather than corrective approach.
From pet supplies, home & kitchen, office, baby products, and outdoor to beauty, books, movies and much more, we accept products and services from a wide range of categories!

How does it work?
Your product will be exposed to our reviewers who are your potential target customers. The ones who need it will buy it from you on your product’s page, in full price. Hence, you will recoup all your money.

After receiving by door, the reviewers will use it in a normal daily use and give their honest opinion in form of a descriptive review on your product’s page. And that’s how you will receive high-quality reviews.
Get your product reviewed in 3 steps:
Discover your final cost & pay
Using the bars, discover the exact payable amount and pay with the ease of using your debit or credit card. We’ll be there to help along the way!
List your product and wait for the approval.
Fill out a short form about your product and the platform where you need the reviews to be submitted.
More than 95% of products get approved within the first 2 hours.
Say welcome to your reviews
Once your product is live, Reviolers will buy it from you so you will recoup your money. After they receive the product and test it, they will leave their descriptive review on your product’s page.
It takes about 30 days to start seeing the first reviews. Then, it will grow quickly. So, relax and focus on other sides of the business.
What brands say!
"The Partial Payment helped me join Revioly. Because I only paid for a fraction of my high-priced products, rather than the whole retail price".

Mat has a medical instrument brand in eBay

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take to deliver a campaign?
    • You will start seeing reviews on your product page about 20 days after your campaign kicks off. While many campaigns complete within 30 to 45 days, some might take longer depending on the following criteria:
      1. The product’s popularity.
      2. Specifications of the product’s target market: think about the difference between ballpoint pen versus the ink used for a fountain pen.
      3. The product’s usability duration. Some products’ experience might take some time for our Reviolers to review; it takes more time to use and review a multivitamin than a phone cover for example.
      4. Number of reviews requested.
      5. The price of your product: more expensive products are slightly slower than lower priced ones.
  • Will Reviewers leave reviews on Revioly or on the website I prefer?
    • Reviewers, also called Reviolers, will purchase the product from you on any platform you are selling your product at and will leave their review there.
  • Is Revioly aligned with Amazon, the FTC and the BBB policies?
    • Yes! Not only is Revioly in full alignment with all review policies, but also, in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers, Revioly is on the frontline, as we have a preventive approach, while Amazon and the FTC have a corrective approach. We are complementary to them.