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About Revioly!

Revioly is the world’s first online market test platform that provides consumers with a chance to test and honestly review products and services that they are interested in for free or for a heavily discounted price. On the other hand, Revioly also aims to empower brand owners by providing them with authentic reviews for their products via their actual target market. With tens of thousands of trusted reviewers nationwide, who we call Reviolers, and many more joining our family every day, we ensure that only authentic unbiased descriptive feedback is submitted and approved so that brands can improve their products based on the experience of their target audience, help their sales grow 280% on average, and gain early trust online.

With our Early Authentic Review Service (EARS), brands can even test their products right after launch, to ensure that their customers' needs are fulfilled or to discover any improvements that they can make before their public launch.
Based in Silicon Valley, Revioly utilizes innovative AI-empowered proprietary technology called Smart Authentic Technology (SAT) to match brands with their target audience and to ensure that the reviews submitted are genuine, productive, and informative.

Revioly was born from a need to combat fake online reviews as it was drastically affecting the online shopping experience for both consumers and brands. Consumers are being deceived by poor products that have fake ratings while small high-quality brands are not able to compete with crooked competitors that employ fake-review farms to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Revioly’s mission, which is to make online reviews reliable, arose from this concern over online review authenticity. Our vision is to grow Revioly to become the de facto certifier of product performance whereby all emerging products and services pass through Revioly’s endorsement system before they are trusted in the online marketplace. Similar to how we care about making our lives more environmentally-friendly to sustain life on earth, we also have a responsibility to purify our online environment to make sure that we leave a sustainable ecommerce experience for the future!
“With our help, high-quality products will thrive faster, while medium and low-quality products will have the chance to improve, before spending lots of money on mass production.”
Reza Lavasani, CEO