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What is Revioly?

Revioly is an online marketplace where people from all demographics can freely join to browse through myriads of products from diverse categories with high accordance to their needs, and choose as many as four products per week to buy, and use in their daily life, and review authentically and informatively so that future online shoppers and product owners would learn from actual customer’s feedback. Once their review is approved, they will receive up to 100% of their money back, irrespective of leaving a 5-star, a 1-star or any rating in between.

Make online reviews reliable
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(up to 100%)
Only honest reviews, whatsoever
Exciting brands & platforms
Arm in arm against fake reviews
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Who is a Revioler?

Members of Revioly are called Reviolers. Being a Revioler is not only about getting free or heavily discounted products in exchange for authentic reviews. It is a philanthropic act. As a Revioler, we constantly add value to other shoppers by splashing honesty in our online environment.

Each Revioler, regardless of age, sex, race, and background, is an actual end user for some specific product categories, which makes the Revioler the best person to review the product. No one can review a stethoscope better than a doctor. Who is better than a mom to review a stroller?

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Why should everyone become a Revioler?

As we all protect our physical environment _Planet Earth_ from pollution, we ought to protect our virtual environment _World Wide Web_ from deceptiveness as well. Over 20% of our day-to-day shopping is done online and it’s growing, so we need the TRUST factor more than ever before.

Online reviews, as the digital twin of “word of mouth”, have been extensively and brutally manipulated by profiteers. It is time to support authenticity and truthfulness, before online reviews lose their credibility completely.

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